Hello and welcome to Dreams Along The Way! I am Dreamworker Pearl Gregor, and here’s a little bit about me.


I am a former junior/senior high school social studies teacher and secondary school administrator.  I worked as an education consultant with Alberta Education for over ten years.  I formed Gregor Management Services Ltd. in 1999 and served as the Executive Director for the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium for three years. I still consult in education through Gregor Management Services Ltd. In 2008, I completed my doctorate through the University of British Columbia. My thesis “The Apple and the Talking Snake: Feminist Dreams Readings and the Subjunctive Curriculum” is available on this site.  I also worked as a sessional instructor in the advanced practicum for social studies at the University of Alberta in the Department of Secondary Education from 2006 to 2012.


I am a mother and grandmother as well as all of those other titles that come with enjoying relationships in a very large family! My eldest son is married, has three children. My younger son lives in Edmonton, is married and they have one son recently turned 2!  He is my right hand man in working the cattle herd over the years since my husband died in September 2000. My daughter is married, lives over the hills and through the woods with her three sons. I am involved in the local Historical Society, am Chair of the Leduc County Library Board.   I garden extensively in every available spare moment and I run a small beef herd (21 cows instead of 70 due to drought) northeast of New Sarepta.

My Journey With Dreams

I began my personal journey with dreams when I learned in August 1988 that I could ask for a dream! That first dream opened an avalanche of dreams and ended the nightmare that had begun when I was a very small child. In the intervening 25 years, I have learned a good deal. I have lead dozens of dream workshops, presented about dreams and wellness to ATA Teachers’ Convention, International Women’s Day and to my graduate class at the University of Alberta as well as for Edmonton Public Evening Classes.   I also spoke about women and dreams at a Carol Shields’ Conference in Winnipeg in the spring of 2008. I have participated in what I call, bibliotherapy—that is therapy through reading, writing and conversations.


I hope you enjoy the site.  I would love to hear from you.

~ Pearl